Music Users
1 Moon Magnet Music sells licenses for the right to use the music contained in its library in synchronization with audio visual works
2 Search for a piece of music you like using the drop down boxes and the track selector button in the Catalog above, then select the “License” button
3 Select the license that best describes your intended use for the song
4 Instantly download a copy of the audio file for the song of your choice and receive a copy of the license agreement
Music Makers
Moon Magnet Music provides a forum for artists to solicit their music for synchronization with audio-visual works. We’ll help you every step of the way. As an Artist Member of Moon Magnet Music, your music will be included in our library where our clients will have the opportunity to purchase the rights to use your music in sync with their audio-visual projects. Moon Magnet Artists always maintain 100% ownership in all of their music. If you’re interested in getting involved, please visit the “Music Submissions” page in the “About” section from the above menu. There, you can upload your music for our review. We would love to hear what you have to offer!
License Descriptions
Basic License Websites, Corporate Videos, Corporate PowerPoint Slideshows, CD’s/DVD’s
TV/Broadcasting License License music for broadcast radio or television. This license is for music used in a television or radio production for public broadcast.
Mass Duplication This license is for the mass duplication and distribution of physical or digital units greater than 1000 units
Feature Length Film License Music For a Movie Production. This license is for any video or film project which will be shown in theaters. If your project will not appear in theaters, a “Basic license” is what you need
Custom Playlist Create your own playlist of multiple tracks. Websites, Corporate Videos, PowerPoint Slideshows, CD’s/DVD’s >1000 units, Revenue Generating YouTube videos, etc. This license is for music used in virtually any medium that is not publicly broadcast. This license is for life of copyright for all territories (worldwide) and includes use of entire song.
Blanket License Moon Magnet offers a blanket license agreement to download as many pieces of music from the library as you wish annually for $300. This requires that you create an account with us, you can do so by clicking the “Register” button on the “Music Catalogue” page. Once you have done so, you can request a blanket license by dropping us a line at, leave us you first and last name, and the name of your company, we will enable your endless downloads as soon as we receive payment.
Social Media/Student Project License License music for sync with a social media video or student project. This includes sites such as YouTube (non-revenue generating), FaceBook, Instagram, etc. The finished product must not be an advertisement or available for sale. If it is to be placed in an advertisement, made available for sale, or placed in a revenue generating YouTube video you need the “Basic License”. All we ask is that you give Moon Magnet Music and the artist credit in your video and/or provide a link to

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