Mission Statement
Moon Magnet Music seeks to be more than a publishing administrator and production music library. MMP believes that it is up to us, as lovers of music and the characters that make it, to provide a forum where artists can communicate their passion to the world.Moon Magnet’s focus is on quality music and superior customer service; offering various licenses that coincide with any budget. We aim to be customer centric while helping to demystify the practice of music licensing. Culture is centered on the principles of synergy. We encourage innovation and inspiration. We aim to develop and nurture our community relationship by supporting our local music scene; attending live performances, helping to promote Moon Magnet artists, participating in music-related festivals/conventions and creating/promoting variety shows with our affiliated artists.
Custom Music Brings Your Project To Life
The Crew at Moon Magnet is chock-full of talented musicians, composers and producers that would love nothing more than to help take your project to the next level. We can design a unique piece of music for your unique set of needs, or pick an existing song from our library and we can tailor it to your project. We’ll help you tell your story.
Is there a specific sound you are looking for, a certain instrument highlighted, a feeling conveyed? Moon Magnet will work with you every step of the way to make sure the music is sequenced with your project seamlessly. We believe the more you know and learn about a company, a person, a brand or product informs how to create something that defines the indefinable.
Moon Magnet is always looking for new music
Moon Magnet Music provides a forum for artists to solicit their music for synchronization with audio-visual works. We’ll help you every step of the way. As an Artist Member of Moon Magnet Music, your music will be included in our library where our clients will have the opportunity to purchase the rights to use your music in sync with their audio-visual projects. We’ll help you get your music registered with a Performing Rights Organization such as ASCAP or BMI so you can collect royalties if any of your music gets placed. If you’re interested in getting involved, give us a shout at moonmagnetmusic@gmail.com for more information. We would love to hear what you have to offer!

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  • How It Works

    Moon Magnet Music sells licenses for the right to use the music contained in its library in synchronization with audio visual works

    Search for a piece of music you like in the Catalog above, then select the license button

    Pick the license that best describes your intended use for the song

    Instantly download a copy of the .wav file for the song of your choice and receive a copy of the license agreement

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