DéCollage’s CD Release W/ Laura Goldhamer, OptycNerd & Evan Holm

  Karson Hallaway   May 23, 2016   Uncategorized   0 Comment

Be sure to check out the photos from last Thursday’s Moon Magnet Show Featuring Evan Holms, Laura Goldhamer, and the CD release of DéCollage’s new cosmic sounds! Stay updated, look for more photos, and make sure to support DéCollage’s indiegogo page https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/moon-magnet-launches-decollage-s-interactive-album#/. By supporting them you support the local music scene and friends!

The Guys from Evan Holm!

Singer Songwriter

The Wonderful Laura Goldhamer

JamieAllen-detectors6(c) Karson Hallaway JamieAllen-detectors4(c) Karson Hallaway

CD Release At Syntax Physic Opera. May 19th.

CD Release At Syntax Physic Opera. May 19th.

JamieAllen-detectors7(c) Karson Hallaway

Girls of Moon Magnet, Anna Smith and Megan Crooks

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