Get Fresh w/ Moon Magnet Supergroup … Moonhammer

  Reed Fuchs   Apr 18, 2017   Uncategorized   0 Comment

Moon Hammer

You know how Young Money is a supergroup and record label? We decided to do just that and started a Moon Magnet Collective band named Moon Hammer (after our infamous drink). The group consists of 12 people from different bands and we just recorded our album’s first single. Our first show is opening for déCollage April 27th 9pm at Syntax with a slew of heavy heavy jazz cats.


“Magnetize” Premiere


Indie Rock Cafe premiered déCollage’s new music video today! 

Recording at New Magnet

The new Moon Magnet is shinier and better than ever! We opened up an art gallery featuring Jacqueline Sophia Cordova’s artwork. In the heat of recording, mixing, mastering 9 albums/EPs this year amidst singles here and there from King Eddie, Yonbre, Mystery at the Lighthouse, déCollage, Cosmic Pineapple Soundtrack, and more.

Artist Spotlight: Retrofette


The artist of the week is Retrofette. They released their Munich Remix EP Friday featuring Snubluck and Future Babes. 


4/27 8pm
Get Fresh: déCollage senses party & Reeds B Day
5/2 7pm
Anna Smith’s Senior Recital at Pon Pon
5/6 8pm Yonbre EP Release @ Ancient Elk Lodge
5/21 9pm
Esmé Patterson & déCollage at the Hi Dive

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