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Get Fresh

Hi moon magneteers, April 27th is déCollage’s first show in 5 months while they’ve been mixing up the ACTUATOR album. To celebrate Reed’s birthday we’re throwing a one of a kind immersive & interactive art experience to razzle all the senses. A scent architect for nose enthusiasts, a blindfolded toothbooth with a touch artist that will brush teeth (has anyone besides your mom ever brushed your teeth?). Tastes provided by Syntax featuring the classics: Cosmic Pineapple & Moon Hammer. Visuals by all attendees: you are the art if you want to hang around the eye gazing booth. déCollage’s new theatrical show is based on Finding Nemo (complete with swimming lessons and life rafts). The night will end with a dance party/DJ set by Maria Kohler from Kitty Crimes.



Magnetize Music Video Premier

The blog Indie Rock Cafe is premiering the music video for déCollage’s Magnetize later this week. Here’s a private link to see it before anyone else. Magnetize was written the last night of UMS between 3am and noon. The song and video feature members of Man Mantis, Rose Quartz, Ancient Elk, Kitty Crimes, The Other Black, Sound of Ceres, Rubedo, & Retrofette.

Moon Magnet Licensing Library


There’s over 800 songs signed to the Moon Magnet licensing library now. You can listen to them on the front page of our website. We place the songs in videos for Film/TV and have done so with 80 songs in the last 18 months! It’s easy to submit your music on our website. If you have friends who make video, feel free to let them know about it!

Artist Spotlight: King Eddie


We’re spotlighting a new artist every week and decided to have King Eddie as the first. Reed is co-producing his 2nd album at Moon Magnet and we released the 1st single, “Killer”, on our Soundcloud today, stream it here. The album is taken straight from experiences in virtual reality and inspired by the 360 degree format.


4/27 9pm Get Fresh: déCollage senses party & Reeds B Day
5/2 7pm Anna Smith’s Senior Recital at Pon Pon
5/21 9pm Esmé Patterson & déCollage at the Hi Dive

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