King Eddie is a virtual reality psych project fronted by DenVR’s Jay Mars. It was recorded & mixed at Moon Magnet. Halfway through the process, Jay moved into Moon Magnet and Yonbre joined the band on keys.”


Yonbre is the moniker of Kevin Netz who currently lives at Moon Magnet and plays keys in Moon Hammer. Noirism is a cinematic sonic adventure featuring Hawk Head and Chrome Anandog as they explore the cosmic west.”


“From the grandchildren of Elephant 6, a kaleidoscopic avant-pop anthem.” ~ Impose Magazine. Produced by Reed Fuchs {déCollage} at Moon Magnet Studios, Magnetize is a concept album about community featuring 25 musicians from the collective. Sub Pop is licensing Magnetize for Film/TV and it was co-released by Misra Records and Moon Magnet.


“The second meditation album released on Moon Magnet; Micah Bontrager’s project Anicca (Pali अनिच्चा – pronounced ah-nee-cha) means impermanence. Anicca channels healing vibrations to all creatures and raises consciousness.


The 10th release on Moon Magnet includes some of our friends remixing Retrofette’s new single, Need To Know Your Name, including Snubluck, OptycNerd X Levi Double U, & Tyler Snow.


Featuring members of Rubedo, Rose Quartz, Wild High, A Mac-DZ, Ancient Elk, and Turner Jackson. déCollage performed with of Montreal & Diane Coffee Oct 28th and released Psycholodge EP through Moon Magnet’s Lunadrifter, the label’s custom smart phone app from Ghost Time Games. It’s synesthetic and you won’t ever play the song the same twice.


Moon Magnet has collected some nebular gems for their third compilation, featuring music from a few of the collective’s favorite Denver and national artists. With the goal of instigating a sonic vortex for listeners to teleport through the matrix of the multiverse, Compilation #3 is a collection of 7 tracks, 5 of which are unreleased.


Grease Pony is a Denver based collection of musicians/artists comprised of 3 animals by the names of Jackson Hillmer, Derrick Bozich, and Hunter Roberts.


Wild High is a 4 piece rock and roll band from the Mile High City that is moving people with their emotional and groove-laden music.


Moon Magnet Comp. Vol. 2 is a shimmering collection of ultrasonic territory via Denver, CO. This compilation features songs from artists who practice or record at Moon Magnet Studios, in addition to a selection of bedazzled favorites. Kowabunga! Evoke the inner spacekid.


Ancient Elk represents a synthesis of various sounds that have informed a wide spectrum of musical styles that have been running through Denver. Reconciling seemingly incompatible ideas from its members differing backgrounds, the band threads together Americana, psychedelic rock, jazz and experimental music in an original way that is also incredibly accessible.



Black Umbrellas is the brainchild of Moon Magnet producer and co-founder Derrick Bozich. Offering chillwave lo-fi experimental music from deep within the vortex.


Surrealist Adventure Music: A crystal prism you twirl around in your minds eye, watching, unfolding in sonic Technicolor.


If Salvador Dali’s paintings were translated into music, they would sound like déCollage

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