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Moon Magnet Studios
We offer two studios; both with full recording/video capabilities, and a multitude of amplifiers, microphones, creative outboard gear, and a stand up piano. Our schedule is flexible, rates competitive, and atmosphere cozy! Our engineers, studio musicians, & designers specialize in everything from pre-production to album artwork, and help get your music heard. Ask us about our affordable DIY cd/tape/vinyl packaging alternatives. Reed Fuchs heads up production at the studio. What started as a hobby recording his ideas as déCollage grew into an obsession. Producing everyday has transformed into a full blown mission to help other artists discover their potential and gravitate to their sound.


P = Producer E = Engineer M = Mixer  ME = Mastering  W = Writer  CW = Co-Writer 

Artist Single/EP/Album Title Credits Year
Pacing Tiger
Grease Pony Jazzy EP P, E, M, ME 2014
Drew West TBA P, E 2014
Kappa Cell Water On The Brain E, M, ME 2014
Magpie Honey B P, E, M, ME 2014
Turner Jackson Us Kids Ft Lily Fangz M 2014
Phillip Mark Stories From The Well P, E, M, ME 2014
Clear Eyed Fool Clear Eyed Fool EP E, M, ME 2014
déCollage déCollaboratory P, E, M, ME, W 2013
Suspender Defenders Lazerz Tazerz n Blazerz P, E, M, ME 2013
Jenstar and Her Aura JAHA Meditate P, E, M, ME 2013
déCollage ∞The Telos Amaranthine∞ P, E, M, ME, W 2012

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