Moon Magnet Studios
We offer two studios; both with full recording/video capabilities, and a multitude of amplifiers, microphones, creative outboard gear, and a stand up piano. Our schedule is flexible, rates competitive, and atmosphere cozy! Our engineers, studio musicians, & designers specialize in everything from pre-production to album artwork, and help get your music heard. Ask us about our affordable DIY cd/tape/vinyl packaging alternatives. Reed Fuchs heads up production at the studio. What started as a hobby recording his ideas as déCollage grew into an obsession. Producing everyday has transformed into a full blown mission to help other artists discover their potential and gravitate to their sound.


P = Producer E = Engineer M = Mixer  ME = Mastering  W = Writer  CW = Co-Writer AA = Album Art


Artist Album Title Credits Year
 Mystery At The Lighthouse  Slowbrow  P, E, ME, M  TBA
 Cosmic Pineapple  Season 1 Soundtrack  P, E, ME, M, W  TBA
 déCollage  ACTUATOR  P, E, M, W  TBA
 King Eddie  Frere Jacques  P, E, M, ME  TBA
 Gwendoll Face  Leafy Love  P, E, M, ME, W  TBA
 Yonbre  Noirism  E, ME  2017
 Anicca  Inner Harmony, Outer Unity  ME  2017
 The Baltic  Archipelago  P, E, M, ME  2016
déCollage Magnetize  P, E, M, W  2016
Retrofette  Need To Know Your Name  P, E, M, ME  2016
Pacing Tiger  Last Call  P, E, M  2016
 Viretta  Corona De Cristo  E, M, ME  2016
 Anicca  Multi Cosmic Orbit  M, ME  2016
 The Aporias  Everything Is Wonderful  P, E, M, ME  2015
 déCollage  Psycholodge EP  P, E, M, ME, W  2015
Konohana 私たちの友達すべてに EP  P, E, M, ME  2015
Kelli Alissa Kelli Alissa AA  2014
Suspender Defenders Arafax Unites P, E, M, ME, W  2014
Grease Pony Jazzy EP P, E, M, ME 2014
Drew West TBA P, E 2014
Kappa Cell Water On The Brain E, M, ME 2014
Magpie Honey B P, E, M, ME 2014
Turner Jackson Us Kids Ft Lily Fangz M 2014
Phillip Mark Stories From The Well P, E, M, ME 2014
Clear Eyed Fool Clear Eyed Fool EP E, M, ME 2014
Suspender Defenders 14 Days of Christmess  P, E, M, ME, W, AA  2013
déCollage déCollaboratory P, E, M, ME, W 2013
Andy Sydow Andy Sydow  AA  2013
Jenstar and Her Aura JAHA Meditate P, E, M, ME 2013
déCollage ∞The Telos Amaranthine∞ P, E, M, ME, W 2012

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